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speaking ministry

of Doug Smith



·        Résumé MS Word document

·        Conversion, Call to Ministry, and Devotional Life MS Word document

·        Doctrinal Statement MS Word document

·        Statement of Ministry MS Word document

·        Preaching Policy MS Word document

·        Preaching Information and Speaking Engagement Questionnaire (for those who want to inquire about a speaking engagement) available by emailing

·        References are available by emailing

·        My itinerary is posted online (on the sidebar) of my weblog Gazing at Glory (

·        Other writing samples, including doctrinal papers (look on the blog’s sidebar) on the Bible, the Trinity, the Death of Christ, and the Role of Faith and Works in Salvation may be viewed at my weblog, Gazing at Glory (

·        If you are having difficulty accessing any of this information, please email me at